Agency Overview


Operating under the umbrella of the Department of Commerce, the Division of Labor is a multi-faceted and diverse agency that provides assistance to every business, consumer, employee and resident in West Virginia. 

Many programs operated by the Division are performed in the background and are nearly invisible to the public. Businesses, consumers, employees and residents benefit from the activities of the Division.  

Division inspectors perform and provide oversight of amusement rides and amusement attractions, elevators, high-pressure steam boilers, manufactured homes (hud code), and ziplines & canopy tours inspections. The Division provides administrative support and enforcement for the Contractor Licensing Board at construction sites while also performing hvac technician and plumber certification inspections.

An osha grant allows the safety section to offer and provide employers an osha health and safety consultation and employee training program to eliminate job-site hazards. These are provided at no cost to the employer. State osha compliance is verified for state employees operating a crane on construction projects.​

The wage & hour section ensures that employees receive all wages and benefits and verify the legal employment status of workers. 
Our weights & measures program certify the accuracy of all commercial weighing and measuring devices used by manufacturers and producers. This allows West Virginia products to be sold at home and abroad while ensuring the accuracy of consumer purchases by checking all fuel pumps, grocery scales, retail scanners, package net weights; even the quality of the motor fuel you purchase. 
With the many programs touching businesses, consumers and residents throughout West Virginia, you may be surprised to find that a lot of what you take for granted every day is guaranteed by the West Virginia Division of Labor.​

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Ph: (304) 558-7890