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Have you a friend, or a relative recently purchased a manufactured home?  The WV Division of Labor operates the Manufactured Housing Program to protect and inform consumers who purchase these homes.

The Manufactured Housing section enforces the West Virginia Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act (WV Code §21-9-1) which licenses manufacturers, dealers and home installers that conduct business in this state.  The Labor Division also enforces The National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act (Title VI of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974) which covers federal manufactured construction standards (Part 3280).

Prior to your purchase, state inspectors from the Manufactured Housing Program conduct random audits at dealer lots as well as home installation sites to ensure compliance with all standards and regulations.

After receiving a consumer complaint, the Board may perform an inspection on the home and site for non-compliances falling within the jurisdiction of the Board. All Non-compliances are required to be corrected according to federal and state code.

The Manufactured Housing Program requires that all manufacturers, dealers and contractors be registered and licensed.  A fee is paid by these licensees in order to provide the funds for the Manufactured Housing Recovery Fund.  This fund was created to ensure that money is available if your home needs corrections due to a federal or state non-compliance and the licensee is no longer in business.

This program does not include Modular Homes.

If you need help, call the West Virginia Division of Labor and speak to the Manufactured Housing Section representative.

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