Wage & Hour

The Wage and Hour Section of the West Virginia Division of Labor is responsible for the enforcement of state wage payment laws, minimum wage and overtime requirements, child labor, verifying the legal employment status of workers, state wage bond requirements, employee meal break requirements, the maximum work hours (schedule) for nurses, the hiring of employees from the local labor market for state public improvement projects, employer limitations relating to employee polygraph examinations, the application and licensure of state polygraph examiners and the registration of employment agencies.

Certain laws, or sections of law, assigned to the Section such as Equal Pay for Equal Work, Industrial Homework, and the payment of overtime wages are preempted by federal statute and therefore enforced by federal agencies.

Verifying the Legal Employment Status of Workers §21-1B

West Virginia Jobs Act §21-1C

Registration of Private Employment Agencies §21-2

Meal Breaks Statute §21-3

Wage Payment & Collection Act §21-5

Wage Bond Requirements §21-5

Employer Limitations Relating to Polygraph Examinations §21-5

Minimum Wage & Maximum Hours Law §21-5C

Nurses Overtime & Patient Safety Act §21-5F

Child Labor §21-6


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