Crane Operator Certification FAQ

To: ALL State of West Virginia Certified Crane Operators (Class A & B)

From: Mitchell E. Woodrum, Commissioner

Re: Chapter 21 Article 3D Crane Operator Certification Act


During the 2021 Legislative Session, major changes were made to §21-3D. 

HB2008 passed on March 18, 2021, signed by the Governor on March 27, 2021 and​ became effective June 16, 2021. The changes are reflected below.


The following sections were repealed:


§21-3D-4 Minimum certification requirements

§21-3D-5 Denial, suspension, revocation, or reinstatement of certification.

§21-3D-6 Effect of accident

§21-3D-7 Penalties

§21-3D-9 Reciprocity


The following sections were amended:


§21-3D-1 Definitions

§21-3D-2 Certification required

§21-3D-3 Inapplicability of local ordinances

§21-3D-8 Crane Operator Certification Fund fees; disposition of funds.


  • The WV Crane Operator Certification Requirement was repealed and will no longer be accepted to meet the OSHA standard;


  • On or after June 16, 2021, the WV Division of Labor will no longer accept or process applications and/or payments. All payments will be returned via mail;


  • All WV Crane Operator Certifications issued in 2021 will expire January 1, 2022; and


  • Employers must ensure ALL crane operators are trained, certified/licensed, and evaluated according to OSHA Regulation 29 C.F.R. §1926.1427 Subpart CC.


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