W&H Fact Sheets

Chi​ld​​​ Labor

Child Labor Hazardous Occupations

Employment Agencies

Applicability​ of Law & Registration Requirements

Minimum Wage & Maximum Hours

Administrative Employee Exemption

E​xecutive​ Employee Exemption

Federal vs State OT Jurisdiction​​

Minimum​ Wage Credits

Minimum​​​ Wage Requirements

Overtime​​ Requirements

Professional​​ Employee Exemption

Tip ​​Credit

Polygraph Licensure

Polygraph Examiner Licensure Requirements

Wage Collection

Acceptable Methods of Paying Wages

Discharge Limitations for Firemen / Emergency Personnel

Division​ of Labor Jurisdiction & Authority

Employee​ Fringe Benefits

Employee​ Meal Breaks

Employ​er Notification Requirements​

Employer​​ Requirements for Meeting Payroll

Payment​ of Final Wages

Wages​​ Defined

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