Crane Operator Certification

The Act requires the certification of crane operators and went into effect on September 1, 2001. After that date, no crane operator may work in West Virginia without proper certification issued by the West Virginia Division of Labor. Working without proper certification may result in penalties levied on both the crane operator and the crane operator's employer.

Please pay special attention to the order in which you must take your examinations and submit your documentation. The Division of Labor forms are available on the Crane Operator Certification Forms page.

To obtain a Crane Operator Certification, you need to complete the following three (3) step process.

1. To register for your written examination, contact the authorized examiner listed below:

National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (N.C.C.C.O.)  Phone #: (727)449-8525

2. Once you have successfully completed your examination(s), please submit the following to the West Virginia Division of Labor:

  • A copy of your written and practical examination scores and a copy of your N.C.C.C.O. card. 
  • A current physical examination.
  • ​A completed application form and the seventy-five dollar ($75) certification fee, NO CASH PLEASE.

3. Upon completion of your examination(s), submission of a proper application/documentation and the certification fee, your certification will be issued.

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