Amusement Rides & Amusement Attractions FAQ

Do I have to have a permit to operate an amusement ride or amusement attraction and if so, how much is it and when does it expire?
Yes, before the operation of an amusement ride or amusement attraction, you must submit a registration application. The permit fee is $100.00 per ride or attraction and all permits expire December 31st of each year. The registration application must be submitted at least 15 days prior to your first intended date of use in WV or there is an additional $75.00 fee.
Do inflatable bounce houses need to be inspected and permitted?

Yes, amusement ride and attractions consist of, but are not limited to, carnival rides, portable ziplines, rock climbing walls, mechanical bulls, inflatable bounces, trackless trains, bungee trampolines, etc.
Who inspects amusement rides and amusement attractions in West Virginia?

Inspections for permitting are performed by 3rd party special inspectors. All inspectors must meet the qualification’s set in the WV Amusement Rides and Amusement Attractions Safety Act and must be approved and commissioned by the Division of Labor.
Does the WV Division of Labor perform inspections and if so, how often?

Yes, WV Division of Labor inspectors perform random compliance checks after the initial permitting inspections are conducted by special inspectors. All compliance checks are random and performed throughout the year.
What happens if I operate an amusement ride or amusement attraction without a permit to operate?

The owner/operator will be issued a Cease and Desist Order by the Division. Violation of the permitting requirements will also result in charges of $75.00 per hour in addition to inspection fees, including travel time. The owner/operator is also subject to criminal penalties upon conviction, which include a fine of not less than two hundred dollars nor more than one thousand dollars, confined in a county or regional jail not more than twelve months, or both fined and confined. Each day that a violation continues shall be considered a separate violation.​
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