Plumber Certification

West Virginia Law requires the certification of plumbers.  Effective January 1, 2009, no plumber may perform or offer to perform plumbing work in West Virginia without a plumber license issued by the West Virginia Division of Labor.  Working without a proper license may result in the issuance of a cease and desist order. There are exemptions listed in ยง21-14-3 (c) 1-8 that allows certain plumbing work to be performed without having a plumber license.
The classifications and experience necessary to be certified are listed below:
Master plumber means a person who is competent to design plumbing systems, and to instruct and supervise the plumbing work of journeyman plumbers, and plumbers in training.
Journeyman plumber means a person qualified and who is competent to instruct and supervise the work of a plumber in training.
Plumber in Training means a person with interest in and an aptitude for performing plumbing work but who alone is not capable of performing plumbing work.
All Master and Journeyman applicants are required to certify experience and take a written exam.

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