Elevator Safety FAQ

‚ÄčMy certificate to operate was lost or stolen, can it be replaced?

If your certificate is misplaced, please contact the Division for a replacement at no charge.
Do I have to have a telephone in my elevator?

A two-way communication device is required, not necessarily a telephone.  There are various ways to comply with this requirement.  We recommend you call our Division to consult with an elevator inspector to discuss your situation.
Our church elevator is used only on Sundays and Wednesdays. Is it exempt from the elevator inspection process?

There are no exemptions from the inspection process.
The legislative rule states that the elevator "certificate of operation" shall be conspicuously posted on the elevator at all times. Because my certificate plate keeps disappearing, I would like to post it in the lobby at the elevators.  Is this permissible?

No it is not.  However, a copy of the certificate can be posted in the elevator while the original remains on file.
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