Plumber Certification FAQ

 Can I perform plumbing work if I have a current WV Contractor License with the plumbing classification?

After January 1, 2009, no, each person performing plumbing work must have a plumber certification. For example, if there are three (3) plumbers working on a job, they each must have a plumber certification and their employer must have a contractor license with a classification that covers plumbing.

Am I required to have a plumber certification if I bid on and receive the contract on a plumbing project but sub-contract the actual plumbing work or my employees perform the work?

No, a plumber certification is only required for the person who performs the work of a plumber.

Do my five (5) employees performing plumbing work on a residential home need a plumber certification?

All persons performing or offering to perform plumbing work are required to have a plumber certification. (Master, Journeyman or Plumber in Training)

What is considered plumbing work?

Plumbing work consists of installing water lines, vents and drains inside a building.  It does not include replacing faucets, washers, unclogging sinks, installing dishwashers, etc.

Are there exemptions?

Yes, a certification is not required to perform plumbing work in the following settings, see ยง21-14-3 (c) 1-8.
In your own home or the home of an immediate family member
Incidental plumbing work during the installation or repair of an appliance as an employee of a retail appliance store
At an establishment as an employee of a utility company
Incidental plumbing work during the installation of HVAC units
At an active coal mine or where coal is being processed
At manufacturing, industrial and natural gas facilities

How much is the initial certification?


How much do I pay when I renew my certification?


Who will be giving the written test and what examination do I need to take?

ProV - 200 Association Drive, Suite 190 - Charleston, WV 25311
(866) 720-7768, (304) 414-0190 Ext. 4
The plumbing examination is the only test that will be accepted.  There is an examination fee.

If an entity acquires a plumber certification, does it cover all employees?

No, a plumber certification can only be issued to a person and not to an entity.  It is a certification allowing only the person identified on the certification to perform plumbing work.

What documentation will be accepted for the experience in order to classify as a journeyman or master plumber?

A variety of documentation will be accepted including information from previous employers, pay stubs, W-2s, records from consumers for whom you have performed plumbing work or similar documents.

Do I have to test to receive a Plumber's Certification?

Yes, the grandfathering period ended July 1, 2009.  All applicants must test to obtain certification.  There are three (3) separate certifications which require testing: Master, Journeyman and Plumber-in-Training.

What is the difference between the Plumber Certification and a Contractor License with the Plumbing classification?

Everyone who performs plumbing work in the State of West Virginia is required to have one (1) of the three (3) plumber certifications, regardless of the dollar amount of the job or the individual's affiliation with a licensed company. Plumbing work performed over the amount of $2,500.00 (total contract amount, not just the plumbing work) requires the individual/company to obtain a Contractor License with the Plumbing classification. This requires taking the Master Plumber and WV Business & Law exams.

When do I renew my Plumber Certification?

The renewal date is listed on your certification card. In addition, you should receive a renewal form approximately forty-five (45) days before it is due to be renewed.
1900 Kanawha Boulevard East | State Capitol Complex - Building 3, Room 200 | Charleston, WV 25305
Ph: (304) 558-7890