High-Pressure Steam Boiler Safety FAQ

Although my insurance company inspected my High-Pressure Steam Boiler a few months ago, I have not received my certificate to operate.
What should I do?
You should contact the Division of Labor to see if we received the inspection report from the insurance company.  We have a very short turnaround on invoicing the High-Pressure Steam Boiler owner for the certificate once we receive the inspection report. If we have not received the report, you should contact the insurance company directly.
My High-Pressure Steam Boiler is due an inspection at a time when we really don’t want to shut it down. How can I get an extension?
The Division can grant extensions to operate for up to 60 days beyond the expiration of the current certificate provided your insurance company approves the extension. We require a written request from the High-Pressure Steam Boiler owner ​and written approval from the insurance company inspector.  If 60 days is not sufficient, we require a second extension request and insurance company approval.  Each 60-day extension costs $100.
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