Contractor / Installer Information

Each person who desires to engage in business as a contractor for manufactured housing in WV must first be licensed by the WV Contractor Licensing Board with the Manufactured Home Installation classification and shall apply to the WV Board of Manufactured Housing Construction & Safety for a license, unless performing work according to an exemption contract with a licensed dealer or contractor. A contractor is required to renew their license yearly. This rule is applicable to contractors whose principal office is both in or out of WV.

This application is made on the Contractor License Application form.

An installer may be either the retailer through the sales agreement, or someone under contract with the retailer to perform the installation. Manufactured homes must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions or a competent design certified in writing by a registered professional engineer and / or architect prior to installation or the recommendations published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 225 Model Manufactured Home Installation Standard and State installation standards. WV licenses and certifies all manufactured home installers who operate within our state.

Installation is one of the most important elements of purchasing a new manufactured home. â€‹Contractors and installers must consider the requirements for zoning, septic, electrical, utility hook-ups and / or building permits. Site preparation is crucial to proper installation which includes stable soil and use of proper foundation systems, approved anchoring for the type of soil, and perimeter enclosures.

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