Jobs Act FAQ

What is the Jobs Act and requirement?
The West Virginia Jobs Act applies to construction work relating to state funded public improvement projects within the state of West Virginia where the cost of the project equals or exceeds $500,000.00.  The requirement is that any contractor working on such a project is to hire at least 75% of their employees from the local labor market.
If the public improvement project includes federal funding, does that have any effect on the requirements of the Jobs Act?
Yes it does. The requirements of the West Virginia Jobs Act does not apply to any project that includes any amount of federal funding.
What areas are considered to be within the local labor market?
The local labor market includes the entire state of West Virginia as well as all counties outside of West Virginia of which any part falls within fifty miles of West Virginia’s border. Maps and list of counties are provided on the Division of Labor’s website that identifies these counties which are considered within the local labor market.
All of my employees live outside the local labor market area.  Am I not allowed to use any employees of my own choosing to be in charge of the project?
Yes, each employer is allowed to utilize as many as two (2) employees from outside the local labor market and still maintain compliance.
What are my options for hiring from the local labor market if my company is not from the area?

West Virginia’s Unemployment & Job Service agency, Workforce WV, is available to assist employers that need to hire from the local labor market.

How does a contractor apply for a waiver? Is that something the public authority can authorize?

Only Workforce West Virginia has the authority to issue a waiver allowing an employer to hire outside the local labor market. If Workforce is unable to supply a contractor with qualified employees within three business days, a waiver will be issued allowing the contractor to hire the number of employees requested from outside the local labor market. A waiver certificate will be issued to both the employer and the public authority.
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