Contractor FAQ

​The questions and answers on this page are not inclusive. Please click here to access the statutes and rules.  

Who can qualify an entity?

Owner, officer, member (as listed with the WV Secretary of State's Office) or a full-time employee (must provide payroll records for the two (2) months preceding test date and a letter stating they allow the company to use their test scores) may qualify a company.
Changing a qualifier?

Notify the Licensing Section of the new qualifier in writing, along with documentation of their test scores and any other required supporting documentation (see previous question).
Do test scores expire?

Test scores do not expire, however they can only be used a maximum of three (3) times.
(Only one (1) time as a full-time employee and possibly two (2) addtional times as an owner, partner or corporate officer if 28-2-5.2 is met).
How do I add a classification to my existing license?

Once the required exam has been passed, notify our office in writing (mail or fax) of the passing score and include a request to add the classification to the license. There are no fees (other than the testing fee) associated with this procedure.
How do I know when to renew my license?

A Contractor License expires twelve (12) months from date of issuance. The expiration date is on the license. Renewal notices are mailed approximately thirty (30) days prior to expiration.
How do I renew my license?

You can mail a check or money order for $90 to our office (with the renewal form and/or license number listed on the check) or you may renew online with a credit card at ***Note*** Licenses renewed more than fifteen (15) days after the rewewal date incur a $25 late fee. Licenses expired for more than ninety (90) days, require that you reapply (no testing is required provided that your original test scores have not been used more than three (3) times).  Grandfathered licenses that are allowed to go over ninety (90) days, require examination before a new license can be issued. Applicant must be in good standing with all required agencies (Secretary of State, Tax-Business Registration, Workers' Compensation and Unemployment) before a license will be renewed.
What proof is required for Workers' Compensation and Unemployment?

If you have employees (other than yourself, partners, members or officers) you must have workers' compensation and unemployment coverage.  If you are an out of state company with no employees that reside in WV, you only need to show/provide copies of your state workers' compensation certificate and the most recent quarterly report showing that you pay into unemployment. If you have employees that reside in WV you must register with the appropriate WV agencies to obtain coverage. Proof of coverage must be submitted with the renewal in order to be processed. If you are renewing online please email the documents to or fax to (304) 558-5174.
Do I need to include the Wage Bond Status Affidavit?

Yes, all applicants, regardless of status, must complete this form and include it with the application for a Contractor License.  The application will NOT be processed without this form. Applicant must be in good standing with all required agencies (Secretary of State-if applicable, WV State Tax Department, Workers' Compensation (if applicable) and Unemployment (if applicable) before a license will be issued.
How long does it take to get a contractor license?

The time depends on how long it takes to complete registration with the other agencies. Once a fully completed application is received in the Licensing Section, the application is processed, license issued and mailed within twenty-four (24) hours. Fully completed applications are processed immediately for entities that bring the application to our office. Payments accepted are: Check, Credit Card or Money Order Only.
I've tested, what do I do next?

The Licensing Section is the last step in the process. Registration must be completed with all other agencies (Secretary of State (if applicable), WV State Tax Department, Workers' Compensation (if applicable) and Unemployment (if applicable) before an application can be submitted to our office for processing.
How do I know which test to take?

Contact the Licensing Section to confirm which tests need to be taken. All contractors must take the WV Business & Law exam.
How do I find out about scheduling tests, study guides and test fees?

Contact ProV at (866) 720-7768.
Does West Virginia offer reciprocity in order to obtain a license?

The following are reciprocity agreements approved by the Contractor Licensing Board in 2018 & 2019:

Effective April 27, 2018: Ohio - (Plumbing Classification including Business & Law Exam)

Effective May 1, 2018: Alabama - (HVAC Classification)

Effective May 10, 2018: Ohio - (HVAC Classification including Business & Law Exam)

Effective December 19, 2019: Ohio - (Manufactured Home Installation)

The following are reciprocity agreements that have been in effect since the year 2000:

North Carolina - (Electrical Classification including Business & Law Exam)

Ohio - (Electrical Classification including Business & Law Exam) 

West Virginia Fire Marshal - (Electrical Classification) A current Master Electrician license.

Other Accepted Exam Scores:

The Contractor Licensing Board started accepting General Building exam scores administered by PSI Services, Inc. on behalf of the National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies (NASCLA) effective September 1, 2013.
How do I change my address/phone number?

Notify the Licensing Section in writing.
How do I change the name on my Contractor License?

All name changes (keeping the same FEIN) must be completed with all other agencies (Secretary of State, Tax Dept., Workers' Compensation and Unemployment) before the change can be made to the license. Once completed with the other agencies notify the Licensing Section in writing of the request to change the name, and include supporting documents from other agencies.
How do I change the status of my company (Sole Proprietor to LLC etc)?

Call the Licensing Section to request a status change letter/packet which details the process and required documents. Make sure to leave current license number, address and what change you are making.
Can a copy of my license be emailed or faxed?

We cannot Emil or fax a Contractor License, however we can email or fax a status letter that states the license is active and what classifications are listed.
How do I get a "handyman" license?

The Licensing Section does not issue a handyman license. Work performed under $2,500 (materials and labor, total contract-not just the work you are performing) does not require a license, other than a West Virginia State Tax Business License. Work over this amount requires you to obtain a Contractor License for the type of work being performed.
Can I get a temporary license?

No, the State of West Virginia does not issue temporary licenses.

I am not registered with a DBA, why is my company name listed in the DBA field on my license?

At this time, our system automatically fills in the company name if you do not request to be licensed with a separate DBA. If you are registered in other state agencies with a DBA other than your company name, it must also appear on your Contractor License.
If I am a subcontractor receiving less than $2,500 for a job do I need a Contractor License?

Yes, licensing requirements are based on the total contract for the project, not just the individual portions.

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