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​In 1991, the West Virginia Legislature enacted §21-11 of the State Code. This law was established to set specific professional guidelines for contractors as well as to protect state businesses​ and consumers who utilize their services. The law established the Contractor Licensing Board which is ​comprised of eight (8) West Virginia licensed contractors and two (2) code officials. During the 2021 session, with the effective date of June 15, 2021, the West Virginia Legislature passed HB2006 which repeals §21-11 of the State Code, creates and moves the Board to §30-42 of the State Code.

​The Division of Labor will continue to perform administrative and enforcement duties for the Contractor Licensing Board for the next 24 months. After 24 months, these duties will become the Board's responsibility.

Inspectors perform routine inspections and investigate request for investigation requests regarding unlicensed contractor activity. The Act requires all contractors to be registered with the West Virginia Tax Department, verify workers' compensation and unemployment coverage, if applicable, and be in compliance with the wage bonding requirements. ​​

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