How to Obtain a License

The following five-step process must be completed before a contractor license is issued. Please pay special attention to the order in which you must submit your paperwork and take your examinations. The Division of Labor has the forms you will need on the Contractor License Forms Page.


1. To register for your examination(s), complete the examination registration form and submit the form with your examination fees to:



200 Association Drive, Suite 190


Charleston, WV 25311


Phone (304) 414-0190 ext. 4


Toll Free (866) 720-7768


Fax (877) 228-3926


Please make cashiers check or money order for exam fees payable to the testing agent. No personal checks, company checks or cash.


2. You will receive an admission notice from testing agent seven (7) to ten (10) days prior to the examination date you select.


3. Prepare for and take your examination.


4. Scores will automatically be reported to the Contractor Licensing Board within two (2) business days of your examination. Once you have successfully completed your examination(s), you must mail the completed affidavit form and licensing fee to the West Virginia Contractor Licensing Board. The affidavit certifies that your firm is registered and in compliance with:



Secretary of State (If applicable)


(304) 558-8000



(304) 558-3333


Wage Bonding (If applicable)


(304) 558-7890 ext.10475



(304) 558-2451


5. Once you complete your examination(s), submit license application paperwork and license fee payment, your license will be mailed to you.


1900 Kanawha Boulevard East | State Capitol Complex - Building 3, Room 200 | Charleston, WV 25305
Ph: (304) 558-7890